What to say? I hate writing about myself. I was born in Illinois, lived most of my life in Florida, spent a few years in Texas and am now back in Florida. I’m an Army Vet and was stationed in Alaska and served 6 months in Egypt. I know a little bit of Spanish that I remember from living in Ecuador for 9 months when I was 15. I dropped out of school after 8th grade, because school bored me, and aced my GED test. I then joined the Florida Army National Guard and from there went into the Army.

While I was in the Army I started playing PC games and learning how to develop websites, and I have been doing so ever since. I was medically discharged from the Army in 2000. Since then life hasn’t always been a bed of roses (why do people say that anyways? I would think that the thorns from the roses would hurt quite a bit lol), some days are way better than others. Above all though, I stay positive. I consider myself a good person with good morals, helping anyone I can despite the hardships it often causes me. But when I pass from this world, I’ll have known that I at least tried to make a positive impact on someone’s life.

Often times, I’m found in front of my PC playing video games ranging from World of Warcraft to Batman Arkham Knight. I enjoy reading books, mostly medieval fantasy type but I will read others that interest me. My favorite two book series are the Wheel of Time and the Sword of Truth. I also enjoy geeky TV shows; Supernatural, Arrow, Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD, The Flash, Game of Thrones (also read the books), among others. I collect dragon stuff, I love technology, and my collection of Minions is growing… they tell me soon that we can take over the world. =) I enjoy shortstories and poems, though over the years I have some how managed to lose most everything I’ve written, so I have recently begun anew. Same goes for drawing, I have a couple sketches here and there, but all of my older stuff has been lost as well. *sighs*. So much to do, so very little time to do it all.

So that’s a little bit of me in a nut shell, I may revisit this page one day and expand on it. =)