Did you have fun?

I wish I just couldn’t feel anymore
Why’d you even come knock at my door
Did you get a good laugh as I sat alone
Waiting for you to show or call my phone

Many claims that you love me so much
That you can’t wait to feel my touch
Yet every time we had plans for the day
You’d be gone without a word to say

Days later there’d always be an excuse
Heard sorry so much what’s the use?
What gets me is you never want anything
So what’s your goal, a side texting fling?

As the weeks went by, yeah I fell for you
Words that you say, things that you do
But in the end you were nowhere around
I sat alone, my heart nowhere to be found

So I’m giving up, don’t expect me to call
If you text again I won’t give you my all
You had your chance, you threw it away
I’m dead now, I’m broken, Good Day

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