Found Your Way In

Long ago I gave up, built thick walls
Swore I would never again give my all
Locked up my heart threw away the key
No chance for anyone to hurt me

So how is it you found your way in?
Why do I feel my life can finally begin?
This can’t be real, a dream from the start
But here you are, stealing my heart

I’ve been used, abused, lost all trust
I died many times and shriveled to dust
Losing myself, my soul, no love to hold
Total acceptance I’d die alone and cold

So how is it you’ve given me life again?
As if my heart is where you’ve always been?
This can’t be real, I don’t deserve you
But here you are, falling for me too

We’re both fragile, pieces missing still
But maybe it has just been fate’s will
To find each other at the right time
So I’m willing, if you are, to be yours…
and you mine

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