Here’s another night that I can’t sleep
Mind won’t shut up yet doesn’t say a peep
You’d think the thoughts would be productive
Instead I stare at the pillow, so seductive
Dreams elude me the sheep are gone
I’ve counted them from dusk til dawn
The sun is rising I see thru my shades
Yet another morning I watch darkness fade
It’s not that I have much to worry about
Just the cards I’ve been given fill me with doubt
What will tomorrow bring to my door
Invented stress like many times before
Why is it that we over think like we do?
If something is missing please give me a clue
How I can find what will make me complete
Instead of living my life in constant repeat
Well here I go, chasing the white rabbit
Mad Hatter I’ve become with this daily habit
Where’s the looking glass, bring me some tea
I’ll have a shroom, tweedle dumb tweedle dee

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