May Karma Eat Your Soul

You finally got so deep in my head
Fucked me up good to wish I were dead
I truly believed that you were the one
What was it to you, just out for fun?

Why hurt me knowing I’ve hurt before
I let down my walls, you opened the door
Like a hurricane you took all that I had
Left me here on my knees crying and sad

The worst of it is that you won’t explain
Ignore me and feign to not know my name
So I sit here in silence tears on my face
Knowing that love is a terrible place

Did you even feel anything at all?
Told me you loved me then let me fall
I knew that it had to be to good to be true
But I believed that there’d be only you

So fuck you and fuck who you really are
Karma’s a bitch and she leaves a scar
I’ll get up and learn to love again
But you’ll only find misery and never win

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