Steampunk Robot Dragon

For years I’ve been planning on creating a steampunk robot dragon… and now it’s time to get it done. Basically my plan is to have an animated draon sitting on my shoulder that looks like a steampunk robot. It’ll just sit there, looking around and with a touch of a couple buttons I’ll have it stand up, spread its wings, open its maw and shoot out steam while blowing a mini train whistle. A couple weeks ago I started on it, and I didn’t plan on creating a writeup for it, but since I’ve been having a lot of fun I figured I will post my progress so far. I am actually going to recreate it using 3D printed materials (Once my 3D printer finally gets here anyways), but for now it’s made out of popsicle sticks, wooden dowels, random wooden pieces, some nuts and bolts and a lot of hot glue.

So check out the gallery below and I’ll do better at a writeup when I remake it.

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