Where are you my one and only?

Another day has come and gone
The loneliness made it too long
What I wouldn’t give to find someone
Who could love me till my life is done

Each time I thought I’d found my heart
The lies and cheating tore me apart
What’s the point in living to be fake
Is it fun to cause my heart to break?

I’ve learned to see the warning signs
Can’t believe all the crazy I seem to find
Their words are fake as are their pics
Staring to wonder if I can even be fixed

Is there really someone meant for me?
Or am I destined to never live happily?
If there’s one thing I know to be true
Is that I don’t deserve to be used

I may not be perfect or a handsome man
But I know how to love with all that I am
So where are you my one and only?
Let’s bind our souls and never be lonely

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